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The New York City mod is a addon to Emergency 4 that replaces the default units NIQUE TA MERE

nd personnel with the ones found in New York City. This mod includes 10 new missions and an optional freeplay map (to replace default freeplay map). Also more than 50 playable units from New York City . - Highly detailed and accurate models - 10 new missions - New sirens - Directional lights and floodlights - Fire station, police station and hospital - Automatic weapons and ballistic shields - Police barricades, traffic cones and flares - Bomb robots and motorcycles - Emergency 4 Deluxe and 911:First Responders compatible - Multiplayer compatible - English translation, voices and much more...

Missions Edit

This mod contains 10 new missions listed below.

1. Bomb Attack Threat

2. Release of Chemical Gas

3. Bomb Alert

4. Crash At Race Track

5. Wooden Barn Caught Fire

6. Forest Fire

7. Police Chase Ends In Tragedy

8. VIP Escort

9. Children Brutally Abducted

10. Explosion In Airport Terminal

Units EARFEEdit